Waist Slimming Tips for Men

Men generally strive to have big muscles and have been ignorant in terms of having a slimmer waist. A slimmer waist however; indicates virility and youth, superior inner health and fitness, and makes shoulders look broader and thereby aids in forming the enviable T-shaped upper  body. In order to achieve the coveted body shape desirable by all men, one must incorporate regular exercises, the use of a suitable body shaper, and a healthy diet in the lifestyle.

Waist Slimming and Ab Strengthening Exercises

Regular exercises and working out forms an integral part of the waist slimming plans. Exercises that give the core a good workout must be carefully selected as the majority of the widespread ab exercises neither develop the abs effectively nor target the right muscles for creating a slimming effect. Fundamental exercises for ab development, such as the crunch, build abs but not truly activate the deep abdominal muscles (TVA or transverses abdominis). Slimmer and well toned waist is achieved with the help of strengthening the TVA muscles. Myotatic version of the crunches however; strengthens the abs while helps in slimming the waist. It involves arching your back on a stability ball and crunching until the full crunch end position is reached. Other exercises for waist slimming include ab wheel rollouts, side plank, burpees, cable rotation exercises, and bicycle crunches.

Healthy Diet

For having a trimmed waist, one must follow a healthy diet that involves having a lower calorie intake and nutrient rich foods. Eating fewer calories than you lose aids in getting rid of the body fats. Losing abdominal fat could be easier when the diet focuses on healthy carbs like fruits, vegetables, lean protein sources, and whole grains. Moreover, one must have regular three meals plus a snack to keep up the energy levels while controlling the hunger.

Using a Body Shaper

A men’s waist trainer could be a great help when it comes to slimming down the waist and having a well toned abdomen. In this regards, it is critical that you choose the right body shaper for yourself. While selecting the best bodyshaper, you must take into account your current body shape, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Consider your ultimate goal that you aim to achieve from using a body shaper i.e. whether you want lightly firmed waist, mild or extra firm. Moreover, do look whether the body shaper is made from a comfortable material or not as you would have to put it on for extended time periods.


Waist slimming requires using a body shaper while supplementing it with a healthy diet and regular workout regime. Before devising out your waist slimming plan, read the Dos and Don’ts of Waist Training.

If you are the one who does not wants to carry the spare tire around your abdomen which not only makes buckling your belt harder but also is unhealthy for your, then what are you waiting for? Just buy the right body shaper and follow the proper diet and workout and have the enviable T-shaped upper body!

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